BioCyc and Pathway Tools Endorsements

"Pathway Tools was our choice over other alternatives due to its completeness, automation, and editable features."

Martin Wiedmann, Ph.D.
Department of Food Science
Cornell University

"Pathway Tools software is an essential part of our graduate educational mission at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center"

David W. Dyer, Ph.D.
Dept of Microbiology & Immunology
Oklahoma University

"We prefer to curate our draft models in MetaFlux because critical tasks such as analyzing the completeness of the reconstructed networks and identifying the needs for gene reannotations are more easily achieved in Pathway Tools than in other tools."

Ali Navid, Ph.D.
Biosciences & Biotechnology Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"The databases and Pathway Tools provide information and data as well as graphical output not available elsewhere. In my opinion, there really are no existing alternatives to Pathway Tools."

Dr.Rudolf Lütticken
Professor of Medical Microbiology
DWI Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials

"Pathway Tools is a critically important tool for modern interdisciplinary research programs in systems and synthetic biology."

Jeremy Zucker, Computational Scientist
Dr. Willam R. Cannon, Chief Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"We use Pathway Tools on our database websites because it is a wonderful program for visualizing pathway data."

Dorrie Main, Ph.D.
Professor of Bioinformatics
Washington State University

"We see immense value in using a pathway-centric approach to chart microbial community metabolism and regularly offer the Pathway/Genome Database perspective to our clients as [a] module within our processing pipelines."

Aria Hahn, Ph.D.
CEO, Koonkie, Inc.

"This is the only resource available to generate comprehensive analysis of metabolic pathways in microorganisms."

Janina P. Lewis, Ph.D. , Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University

"Pathway Tools should be seen as an essential part of the existing world-wide infrastructure for genomics, computational and systems biology for the 21st century".

Christos A. Ouzounis, Ph.D.
Director, Biological Computation & Process Laboratory

"I really appreciate the professional dedication of the support staff."

Wei Guo
Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology
Chinese Academy of Sciences

"We highly value the power and versatility of Pathway Tools, especially for enabling a broad coverage of plant metabolism."

Seung Yon (Sue) Rhee, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Scientist
Carnegie Institution for Science

"I firmly believe that Pathway Tools provides an ideal framework for achieving systems level synthesis of microbial community structure and function."

Steven Hallam, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
University of British Columbia